If you think for a few minutes about someone you should send a letter to, if you’re like most of us, you’ll probably think of more than one person. There are always a few special people in our lives who we should reach out to, but never seem to find the time to. hide We’re so busy with our kids, our spouses, our work, and the overwhelming demands on our lives that many things we would like to do never seem to get done. I believe that if we kept some very fine stationery conveniently placed in plain view that we might be prone to use it from time to time. Handwritten letters seem to be somewhat of a lost means of showing people that we still care for them, and that we’re thinking about them. It isn’t something that necessarily needs to be done, or even something that should be done. It would just be a really nice thing to do, and you would definitely make someone’s day. Not only would you make someone’s day, you never know what may be going on in the life of the person you’re writing to. It may be a timely communication that more than makes their day. It may be an uplifting message that is direly needed. Most people have struggles from time to time, and you may catch them in one of those times. Regardless, it’s always appreciated, and always comes back to you. Like the old saying goes, what goes around comes around. So make a commitment to buy some nice stationery, the kind that might inspire you to write a personal letter from time to time. Put it in a place that’s in plain view. If you do, you will be more likely to have times when the thought to write and the time to write come together. The best way to get what you really want, something different, distinct, something inspiring, is online. Online you have systems that allow you to input choices and combinations that result in you personally designing your own personalized stationery. It’s easy to do, it’s quick, it’s convenient, and there are many choices to fit any